There is just something about the American spirit which shows on the faces of the hardworking people who call Canton, NC home. It is truly reflected in the town.

The town is nestled in the flat where the Pigeon River flowing out of the Pisgah National Forest bottoms out to slowly make its way north to Lake Douglas in Tennessee. See, all the water originates here and flows out of Haywood County which means that it is a resource that is precious. Evergreen Paper Mill in Canton has made it a top priority to maintain this precious resource. Millions have been spent to improve operations and at the same time to return the water back to the river where one can fish not far downstream of the mill. Remarkable.

Since the mill has been operating for over 100 years, there is a huge emphasis on labor which is reflected in the town’s Labor Day festival as it is the oldest in the Southeast.

Canton is also known for Cold Mountain, Mount Pisgah and the Blue Ridge Parkway which runs along the southern border of the county. Hiking, fishing, and outdoor activities abound which is why so many people consider buying a single-family house in Canton, NC. The craftsman heritage of many of the homes brings people to consider a residential home here. Additionally, you have good access to interstate 40 which enables people to travel quickly to and from the county.

One could say that Canton is a town that combines industry, people and natural resources to bring about a blend that is truly unique!